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Intro to True Cellular Detox

  • 90 minute free class Saturdays 8:45am
  • Learn how heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, etc), pesticides, and mold can be the root cause for health problems
  • Learn how you can test for tissue levels (non-invasive) of heavy metals and minerals to see if and to what extent this is a problem for you
  • Learn why focusing on thyroid, adrenals, gut healing, and other "downstream" pathways does not solve the problem
  • Learn why you may be eating well, exercising, living a healhy lifestyle, and doing everything right... yet you still don't feel as well as you should
  • Learn why even though you've had all the tests done and have been to many doctors, naturopaths, and other practitioners.... you still have health problems
  • Learn what's necessary if you want to get well for good

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Why True Cellular Detox?

TCD works upstream... at the source of the problem, which is in your cells. Saunas, colon cleanses, detox shakes.. they all work to a certain extent... but they are downstream elimination pathways. TCD gets into your cells and binds tighltly to toxins to carry them safely out of your body. 

TCD starts with state-of-the-art heavy metal and mineral testing (OligoScan) using spectrophotometric methods. No more shots in the dark wondering what's wrong with you. It's not a one size fits all program. The only downside is it takes awhile. Removing heavy metals safely must be done over a period of time using a gentle yet effective process.  

true cellular detox

Works at the cellular level

It's the toxins inside your cells that create health problems. Hormones don't work properly, your energy systems get depleted, and soon you're dealing with chronic disease. When you remove the toxins from your cells, your cells can then operate effectively to keep you healthy. TCD works to repair your cell membranes. Your hormones then start to work properly and al other physical systems start to work better once your cell membranes are not inflamed. 

Uses true binders

TCD uses binders that grab onto the toxins inside your cells... move them out of your cells and out of your body. Much safer than other common binders that grab onto the toxins... then let go and cause detox reactions. No other program uses these binders. Most binders stay in the gut and don't get rid of toxins that are trapped inside your cells. 

Gets at the root cause

You can work on gut healing, thyroid and adrenal issues, resistant weight loss, sleep problems, depression, anxiety and never get to the root cause until you address excess toxins. The problems never really clear up as long as the toxins are still there causing trouble. You learn how specific toxin overload (such as mercury or aluminum) upsets your mineral balance. Simply taking the minerals often doesn't help as long as the toxins are still present in excess. 

Click link above or call 612-866-0832