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Summer Class Special $99

 For people new to the studio. Great opportunity to improve your health. Get rid of excess body fat, tone your arms, legs and seat. Improve your strength and posture..and best of all..improve your mood.. reduce anxiety and depression and improve your sleep. Exercise really is like a magic pill. We're here to make it effective, safe and super fun.... even if you're completely out of shape.  

 Get 3 months unlimited classes for $99. Choose your own starting date. Last day to start your 3 months is July 1. Take Barre, Pilates Mat, Iyengar Yoga, BodyShaping, BODYPUMP, Tabata, Insanity, BollyX, Zumba, Nia and more. Classes 7 days a week. Summer Special available for people new to the studio and those returning after a 12 month or more absence. Middle school, high school and college age kids welcome for the summer.

About Studio TimeOut

Studio TimeOut has been in offering exercise classes since 1999 and Pilates lessons since 2008. Our purpose is to help people feel better and realize how amazing they really are. We do this through the health enhancing benefits of nutrition, exercise and Pilates, and personal growth work. Find out more on our website


We offer sessions in the infrared sauna and ion cleanse for the purpose of removing heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants. Both methods are safe for the general public and help your body function more as it should.

Reformer Classes

We offer Pilates reformer class 8 week series with 5 students per class. Levels range from very beginner to advanced. If you're interested in classes click the button below, send us your request and we'll get right back to you.

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Located at 6001 Lyndale Ave S in Southwest Minneapolis. It's at 60th and Lyndale, 2 blocks off Crosstown 62 and across from Bachman's. Free parking. 

What Our Clients Think

I recall my very first visit to Studio TimeOut. I remember going in feeling apprehensive, out of shape and that I didn’t belong when in reality, it was exactly the right place to be. Not only was the staff and mgmt of Studio TimeOut friendly but really went out of their way to make you feel welcome. Regardless of your current physical shape, they meet you where you’re at and all instructors have options in their classes for you to choose your own intensity. My second visit was 2 days later and I realized that I was on my journey to getting my old self back, but the story doesn’t stop there. Over the years I have grown so much with my health, knowledge in nutrition and the importance of nutrition, detoxing, cooking that has helped me gain huge health results (and friends) since my first day. I’m so glad I gave Studio TimeOut a try, the hardest part was getting myself inside their door the first time but I have benefited beyond my expectations ever since.

– Stuart Shukei

I came back to Tabata this week after MONTHS of being absent from it due to my recent focus on Pliates Reformer. I was so terrified to attempt it again after such a long absence. I was BLOWN away at how much more overall strength and endurance I felt during tabata after spending months on the Pilates reformer. I felt so many more core muscles kick on during Tabata than I have in the past. It was very exciting to see how the time spent on the reformer is actually impacting me in other ways. It truly does prepare you for crushing everyday tasks and providing added strength to do more intense exercises. It was a true test to how Pilates enhances overall strength, stability and fitness!

– Erin Scully

After 2-3 weeks of private Pilates I noticed changes. My posture was better. My massage therapist couldn’t believe how limber my piriformis was and my chiropractor said I’d lost weight in my back AND I was so much more flexible. I can walk longer now and need less time to recover. I know how to hold my abs in and take the work out of my back.

– Pat Soulak

After all this I do want the 3 month Summer Special. Let's get going!