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It's possible with the 6 Steps to Stubborn Fat Loss. Here's how it works:

  • You'll learn entirely different approach on stubborn fat and how to get rid of it easier than anything else you've tried
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  • Get one step each week released on video and accompanying PDFs, recipes ,checklists and notes. 
  • Watch the video and take notes. Since each video is jam packed with new information, watch it a few times to really learn the information. 
  • Implement all of it in the 6 weeks or take your time over months.
  • It's life changing information you can apply to yourself but also your family

Our Next 6 Week Series Starts April 21:


Hear What Past Participants Have Said

"I am now equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to improve my current health status. What use to seem as a radical change of diet is now my norm because this isn't a diet to follow until I reach my goal but a permanent lifestyle change. I had been diagnosed as insulin resistant and have been fighting blood sugar issues for several years. The best part is the food is awesome, I feel satisfied longer and most importantly, I am in control".


"Over the past 6 wks I have lost over 13 lbs and it was SO easy. I have not felt deprived or tempted to eat unhealthy at all. I even traveled for work and stayed on the program.... I ordered healthy food at restaurants based on the tips they provided, it was so easy and felt so great to be in charge while traveling". 


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In "6 Steps to Stubborn Fat Loss" we focus on learning the physiology of your body and how it really works. Once you learn a few points there, you can pinpoint all the things you're doing to mess up your physiology.  

Our bodies have not changed with the times. They still need minerals, ideal hydration, oxygen, sunlight, movement and all the basics. When we try to trick our bodies into performing well without giving our bodies the basics, we get sick.  

It's best to learn from and follow or "go with" nature.  

For instance...... our stomach should be a pH of 1-3 (very acidic) to digest our food, to absorb minerals and B vitamins and to kill incoming parasites and bacteria. When we decide to ignore this and take a drug to eliminate our stomach acid, we stop breaking down our food..... it putrefies and ferments and produces chemicals that irritate our insides. We are unable to absorb B vitamins and minerals and we welcome in bacteria and parasites creating infections. Then we wonder why we have bone density problems, stiff muscles, anxiety and depression.  

Another example is ignoring the fact that people should poop daily. If you're not, you're not maximizing one of your detoxification pathways and recirculating toxins back into your body.  

These are 2 simple examples that are common sense.  

Another one is ignoring the messages of your hormones. If the message of high insulin is to "store fat no matter what"..... how well does that work to eat a diet that raises insulin....when you want to drop bodyfat?  

I could go on and on but this gives an example of info you need to know to make the best decisions for what you'll eat, how you'll exercise and how you'll live your life in general.  

This is not a "quick fix" program to diet and lose weight for a specific event. This is education to put YOU in charge of your health. Weight loss is the byproduct that happens when the pieces get put together correctly...... meaning we're following the wisdom of our bodies....the wisdom of nature.